You can read our most updated philanthropy plan here.

Should it ever be of use to you, we do offer discounts to nonprofits:

(1) Should you ever need a cheese tray for an event or something like that, note that we offer 10% off to all nonprofits. This works great for food for meetings, events, and even board or sponsor thank-you gifts. Go to and set up an account. Then email with the account email address and copy of your sales tax exemption form mentioning that you would like the non-profit discount. Then we can activate your account (expect 48 hours turnaround).

(2) If you want to host a cheese tasting with us, we gladly partner and sell the tickets at our regular pricing; then we donate 10% back to your nonprofit. (Note: it is your private event and your role to fill the seats.) Inquire here.

We're sorry we can't do more, but hope that one of these options is right for you at some time. We're lucky to have a big reputation but remain a small mom and pop working to do what we can. To that end, we have to stick to our allocated budget. I'm sure you'll have a wildly successful event; we wish you all the best. Thanks again!

The Antonellis