10 YEAR CHEDDAR / Widmer&
10 YEAR CHEDDAR / Widmer&

10 YEAR CHEDDAR / Widmer's Cheese Cellars

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Over time, rich and nutty flavors become increasingly sharp, and the smooth and firm texture develops savory crunchy bits. (PRICE PER POUND)

A Pairing Perfect
Why reinvent the wheel? Cheddar and apples is the vibe, and we suggest Apple & Onion Jam – and the exciting textural variations that 6 Seed crackers brings to this table.

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The Full Wheel
Originating in England, cheddar cheese has been made since at least the 12th century (written rumors remain of royal banquets where King Henry II proudly showcased cheddar). In addition to being the name of a town and a style of cheese, ‘cheddar’ is also the process by which the cheese is made. Cheddaring refers to the custom of gently expelling moisture over time for a sturdy, yet delectable cheese. Cheddar production in Wisconsin began in the mid 1800’s and by 1880, and more Cheddar was produced in Wisconsin than any other cheese variety. Today it accounts for a large percentage of the cheese made in the state, which makes Wisconsin the leader in U.S. Cheddar production. Over at Widmer’s in Theresa, Wisconsin, Joe Widmer learned with his family, residing in the apartment above the cheesemaking facilities through his childhood. As a third generation cheesemaker, Joe regularly cares for and turns these cheddars while they are curing. All Cheddars are graded by a Wisconsin licensed Cheese expert before leaving the plant, assuring that Antonelli’s receives the highest quality possible! As this cheddar ages, the rich and nutty flavors become increasingly sharp, and the smooth and firm texture becomes more granular and crunchy. Older than some cheese-loving kids, they are thrilled to experience this one, too!

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Firm
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Traditional
Local Wisconsin
Country USA
Weight 1lb, 0.5lb, 0.25lb


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