INDIGO RIDGE / River Whey Creamery / Schertz, TX / Raw Cow / Firm

INDIGO RIDGE / River Whey Creamery

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Flavors build from fruity and tangy, then finish long with notes of scalded milk and hazelnuts. Truly a Texas original! Aged 8 months. (PRICE PER POUND)

A Perfect Pairing
Exotic floral notes from William Chris' Mourvedre compliment sweetly, eliciting a blast of Texas terroir. Stay in the ‘Lone Star State of mind’ with savory slices of Chorizo Espanol.

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The Full Wheel
When Susan Rigg, a second-career cheesemaker, decided that the retail book business was no longer where she needed to be, she enrolled in the Culinary Arts Institute of America. Susan had no clear idea of what she wanted to do with a culinary degree, but soon realized that for her, cheese is where it’s at! To deepen her knowledge and skill, Susan has studied cheese and cheesemaking from the shores of California to the lush fields of Vermont, and across the pond to England and Wales. Named after the indigo wax rind (which also helps the cheese retain moisture), it's most similar to a Havarti in texture. As the cheese ages a full eight months, the texture becomes pliable and creamy on the palate. While the flavors build from fruity and tangy, they then finish long with notes of scalded milk and hazelnuts. The result? “Gouda style with Gruyere flair!” Truly an American (and Texas) original!

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Firm
Milk Type Cow
Pasteurization Raw
Rennet Type Traditional
Local Schertz, Texas
Country USA
Weight 1lb, 0.5lb


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