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Two years after John announced on our honeymoon that he wanted to quit his job as a CPA and "do something in cheese," we unlocked the front door to our very own cheese shop on February 11, 2010. We've been asked many times since, "Why a Cheese Shop?" and the answer is simple. After putting ourselves through cheese bootcamps, running a cheese club out of our house, attending cheese conferences, interning for French affineur Herve Mons, journeying through Europe, and eating our way through thousands of tasty cheese morsels, we determined we are at our best when we're eating, talking, and together.

The eating part needs no explanation. As for the talking, we found our shared love and joy for telling the stories of the cheesemakers and the "labor of love" that comes from making real food and the agricultural lifestyle. (After all, Kendall did grow up showing lambs in 4-H and rodeo'ing!) Moreover, we discovered (again) how fun it is to play with your food. And being together? Well, quite honestly, we can't stand to be apart. So we put it all together - a love of eating, being with folks, a knack for talking, and the goal to travel - into a mom and pop cheese shop where we could stand beside each other daily and cut the cheese.

This is our passion that we want to share with you.
Not Afraid To Be Cheese-y,
Kendall and John Antonelli