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We are excited to host you at one of our next events

Updated 3/18/20

Our classes have always been about community - celebrating the folks that make our food and coming together around a shared table to break bread - or eat cheese. In these times of recommended social distancing, overcoming isolation and loneliness is paramount. So is being safe and taking care of those who need it. So! We're still offering our cheese tasting classes BUT we've taken them VIRTUAL! That's right; you can sit at home in your pajamas with unkempt hair and still connect with others to learn about artisans, their labor of love on your plate, and eat delish cheese and pairings.

For the month of March and April, purchase tickets to any of our regularly-offered events. Whether or not the language says it, these will be virtual; we're updating slowly.

  • On your event day, simply pick up curbside your cheese plate from 12-5.
  • If you want to add on wine pairings, we'll offer that too.
  • We'll send you info on how to log into the private video conference, allowing only 20 folks per tasting.
  • You can either stay silent with your camera off, or be more interactive and speak up and keep your camera on.
You get to choose your experience. And our cheese educators will guide you through the hour-long event. No more boredom excuses! Join us for good cheese, community, and connectivity. SEE OUR SCHEDULE HERE.

Note: If you're looking for ways to bring your work team together, appreciate clients, or celebrate a birthday, we are holding PRIVATE VIRTUAL PARTIES!

Thanks for your patience and understanding as we make updates based on new information received.