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5 kinds of cheese (2.5 lbs total) · 4 types of meat · serves 12+

The original! This is the first cheeseboard we ever sold in 2010 - our Cheese & Meat Tray. Expect none of the fluff, none of the filler, none of the extras. This tray is all about showcasing five delicious kinds of cheese and four cured types of meat. All your bang for your buck goes directly into the artisanal cheeses and meats featured. With the rise in popularity of beautifully-plated boards, we’ve kept this one just as it is. One customer noted, “I’m tired of all that extra stuff. I just want my cheese and meat board.” Well friend, here you go. Keto friendly! Plated on a 12x12” wooden tray.

This item is NOT available for nationwide shipping. To view products available for shipping please click HERE.

In order to avoid product damage and reduced quality, we do not ship cheese event plates or cheese trays at this time.

Please check out our collections and Cheese Club that are designed to survive the rigors of shipping.

Can I select my own cheeses? Every cheese tray features a variety of styles (bloomy/soft, hard, blue) and milk types (goat, cow, sheep) to showcase different cheeses, ensuring all your guests - from cheese novices to turophiles - love something. We select and order the cheeses from our artisan makers seasonally. While you can’t customize your selection, you can specify if you want us to avoid something (like “no blue cheese please”) in the notes section. Ultimately, our goal is that everyone loves the cheese. (Otherwise, we’d be out of business!)

What if I don’t like a certain type of cheese? Please let us know in the notes section, and we’ll do our best to avoid it!

What are the pairings offered? We try to showcase the 5 tastes: sweet, salty, bitter, sour, and umami - as a compliment to the cheese selection. While it can vary, we generally include a selection of fresh and dried fruits, pickled vegetables and/or olives, and Quicos (addictive Spanish corn nuts).

Not sure what cheese tray size to get? A good rule of thumb is 1 ounce of each cheese per person for a dinner portion, or 2-3 ounces total for light grazing.

What if we have allergies? Please specify any allergies when ordering, and note that we build our cheese trays in our Cheese House and Shop, where marcona almonds and bread are present. Additionally, we use latex or vinyl gloves when plating food.

Does it come with crackers or bread? No, but you can add it on! Select either a whole baguette, sliced baguette, or crackers. Note that all these come in bulk for you to plate. However, the Grazing Tables do come with Bread and Cracker Platters.

What if I eat gluten-free? Good news! There is no gluten on our cheese plates. You can add on GF crackers to your purchase.

Is the tray compostable? Our Cheese Boards are made from wood and lined with food-grade wax paper. We tried a compostable board, but it fell apart on too many folks. So while we continue to look for the next best thing, we’re using our tried and true sturdy boards (that have now become popular nationwide - yes, we’ll take some credit for being originals!). Due to food service rules and health department standards, we cannot reuse cheese trays. However, you can! We often flip them over, put wax paper down, and serve right on them from home. Alternatively, bring them back to the Shop. We’re teaming up with a local school as a canvas-alternative, ready-to-hang piece of art to be painted or used for crafts.

For your convenience and to avoid wait times, online orders should be picked up at your selected time and location. For Hyde Park, visit our pickup window located in the alley behind Uncle Nicky's. For South Lamar please enter through the front door.

Hyde Park - View map here

Visit our Hyde Park Store or South Lamar Tasting Room to place an order for a cheese tray and have it ready within 20 minutes.

Hyde Park - 7 days a week between 11am-6pm.

South Lamar - Tue-Sat 11am-4pm.

This service is not available on Thanksgiving Eve, two days leading up to Christmas and New Years Eve. In addition it may not be available on other busy holidays so please call in advance to confrim.

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