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Made from sheep’s milk in French Basque country, Ossau-Iraty develops rich, nutty flavors with floral and herbaceous aromas. Aged 8 months. (PRICE PER POUND)

A Perfect Pairing
Create a refined flavor microcosm by combining Ossau-Iraty with sweet Fig & Black Tea Preserves, salty Quicos, and a pitch-perfect bottle of Civitas Pecorino.

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The Full Wheel
One of the first two cheeses owners John and Kendall Antonelli knew they wanted to carry, Ossau-Iraty comes to us from France's Onetik Dairy Cooperative – an affiliation of small dairy farmers. Onetik has been sourcing superior milk for over 30 years to make authentic and delectable cheeses using traditional methods handed down by their ancestors. The Co-Op dairy is located in the small village of Macaye at the foot of the Pyrenees Mountains, in Basque Country (France). This well-loved cheese was named after its nearest geographical landmarks: the Ossau Valley and Iraty Forest. Each year when colder months arrive, French and Spanish officials hold a charming 'Pardoning Ceremony' to grant permission to the French Sheep & Goats to graze on the lower Spanish meadows. This pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is aged for two to three months, during which time it develops a rustic, natural/ambient (very edible!) rind. Bright white-colored paste, smooth & clean, with a perfectly balanced texture – a refined and elegant cheese. Supple texture and mild caramelly flavor, with woodsy, mushroom aromas, and a sweet and mellow paste that exhibits a slightly tart flavor in the finish. Said to be one of the first cheeses ever produced - Pyrenees sheep cheese has records as early as the 1st century – it received A.O.C./D.O.P certification in 1980.

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Semi-Soft
Milk Type Sheep
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Traditional
Country France

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