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SOPPRESSATA / Underground Meat

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Choice Soppressata salami, seasoned with just red pepper flakes & fresh thyme, allowing the flavor of premium pork to shine through. (4OZ PER PACKAGE)

Perfect Pairing
Great with hard cheeses like Parmigiano-Reggiano & Sardo, Soppressata cunningly finds a happy alliance with many cheeses – and big, bold reds, like Mourvedre.

The Full Link
Regarding this fresh take on a classic Roman hard salami, John & Kendall Antonelli got wind of Underground Meats in 2012, and "hounded them" until they got their national licenses – and were thus able to ship out of their state. In fact, Antonelli's Cheese Shop was Underground Meats' first shipment outside of Wisconsin! Working with only small Wisconsin farms that share their commitment to responsible food, Underground's pork is from pasture raised and humanely treated pigs, including Tamworth, Berkshire, Black Mulefoot, Red Wattle and Mangalista breeds.  Made in the traditional Italian style - with the only additives being red pepper flakes & fresh thyme!


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