Our Mission

Do Good. Eat Good.

“Spreading joy through cheese,” “telling the stories of artisanal producers,” “linking consumers with the foods they eat,” and others. All were placeholders. They say a good mission can be said in a breath. Recited quickly by all team members. For us, we knew it was the right mission for us if we were willing to tattoo it on our bodies (yet to happen). But one day, while driving our kids to a pumpkin patch, John turned to Kendall and said it: "Do Good. Eat Good." And we knew we had our mission. Read on or watch for what it means to us.

This is the full video that all of our new team members watch during onboarding.

On Sourcing

We partner with artisans who manage their lands sustainably and regeneratively, care for their herds humanely, source raw materials ethically, and lead their businesses and teams to do better. It's a positive circle of support and love. In that light, we work to follow the principles of the Slow Food movement in sourcing goods that are "good, clean, and fair," as well as the Good Food Retailers Collaborative movement in curating a selection of foods that are "tasty, authentic, and responsibly-sourced."

On Creating a Culture of Belonging

We are building a community that allows each and every individual to confidently and unapologetically show up as themselves every day, including our amazing team members, our passionate producers and suppliers, our customers, our affiliate organizations, and our non-profit partners. This lifelong work to create a culture of belonging celebrates diversity and appreciates all the hands that bring good food to our plates. That includes our commitment to combating systemic racism, a destroyer of belonging and inclusion. Read more about our anti-racist action here.

On Operating

We seek to minimize our footprint. We recycle and compost, minimizing our waste. We use biodegradable, compostable materials—from our cheese trays to our specially-sourced cheese paper. We continue to push forward daily to become a better, greener business.

On Paying It Forward

We donate goods and services to local nonprofit organizations and charitable endeavors. Additionally, we donate a significant portion of our time to serving our local Austin community, as well as our national cheese community and global food system. See specifics on our Philanthropy page.

Here's to continuing to push the ball forward and letting our mission of "Do Good. Eat Good." drive every decision we make, working towards a positive impact for our team, our community, our producers, our food system, and our environment.

Our Core Principles

  1. Passion with
  2. Be True. To Ourselves.
    To Others.
  3. Be a Juggernaut
    of Awesome.
  4. Family First.
    Then Business.
  5. Improve Every

We represent hundreds of artisanal producers making delicious and responsible food; learning their stories in person and then retelling them to our customers; and building a team of advocates for real food.