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OUR PRICE: $70.00

Description The Deets
5 cheeses · 3 meats · accompaniments · serves 8+

This is the smaller version of our most popularly ordered cheese board - Cheese, Meat, and Treats. Book Club, Date Night, or your next potluck will never be the same! Folks love this tray because it offers a little bit of everything. Expect a variety of different cheeses and cured meats, as well as pairings like fruits, pickled veg, and preserves. Plated on a 12x12" wooden tray.

Special Note: If you’re hosting an Open House style event over a couple hours or more, we suggest ordering many of the smaller trays (instead of fewer of the larger trays). This allows you to swap out each tray when it starts to get messy and/or dwindle, making sure late arrivals get just as beautiful a tray as the first folks.