TEXAS PECAN BRITTLE BAR / Wildwood Chocolate
TEXAS PECAN BRITTLE BAR / Wildwood Chocolate
TEXAS PECAN BRITTLE BAR / Wildwood Chocolate

TEXAS PECAN BRITTLE BAR / Wildwood Chocolate

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In this house favorite, crunchy brown butter pecan brittle chunks cover rich 70% dark chocolate for an unforgettable bite. (BY THE EACH)

A Perfect Pairing
Enjoy on its own, crumbled on atop a bowl of ice cream – or as a spell-binding cheese pairing. Brie-styles & Blues are a great way to see what we mean: Kunik, Bonne Bouche, Roquefort...you can scarcely go wrong!

The Full Bar
Wildwood Chocolate is an award winning chocolate and confections company, creating craft chocolate by hand in Portland, Oregon. In 2010, Stephen Lawrence's passion for chocolate manifested in "The Chocolate Maker's Studio" (which *was* located in the heart of Hyde Park, Austin – just around the corner from Antonelli's Cheese Shop). In 2015, Lawrence moved back to Portland Oregon, and the company was renamed as Wildwood Chocolates. According to Lawrence, proper chocolate crafting is all about time, temperature, and movement. “Making chocolate is very much like making art to me,” Lawrence says. “That’s what I love about it.” We feel this as well, as we unwrap these gorgeous, hand-embossed bars. Inspired by his time in Austin, Stephen evokes a touch of America's Southern heartland with crunchy brown butter pecan brittle, covering rich 70% dark chocolate. The buttery nuttiness of the sublime pecan brittle collides happily against the deep dark chocolate, and flecks of mineral-rich salt bring the flavors into sharp focus. With every bite, Wildwood aims to bring you the same sense of joy and discovery that they experience, wandering the scenic Wildwood Trail in their home town of Portland, Oregon.


This is a sample of what we offer in our Austin Flagship store at 4220 Duval St., Austin, TX 78751.

Because of the artisanal nature of these products, we do not guarantee inventory of specific products and as such we limit online orders to Gift boxes and cheese and charcuterie trays.

Call 512-531-9610 and press 4 to reach the Duval retail team. You can ask the cheesemonger what we have in stock and even place an order over the phone.

Our selection of cheese, jams, crackers, chocolates, honey and meat are ever expanding and adapting based on season. If you are looking for something specific, give us a call at 512-531-9610 and press 4 to reach our Retail Shop to speak with a a cheesemonger about our current selections.

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