FINOCCHIONA / Olympia Provisions

FINOCCHIONA / Olympia Provisions

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Made with 100% Oregon pork, a silky texture blends smoothly with delicate fennel notes, black pepper and garlic.

A Perfect Pairing
The delicate hints of fennel in this charcuterie meat add beautiful depth to washed rinds, such as Red Hawk & Timberdoodle; and cleanse the palate between bites with Castelvetrano olives.

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Elias Cairo, a Greek-American son of immigrants, learned from his Greek father’s old-world techniques and recipe books. Elias later journeyed to Europe to apprentice in the kitchens of masters. There, he discovered the art of curing meat, and found inspiration in old world markets and mountain towns. In this recipe, freshly chopped fennel takes center point in this 100% Oregon pork, handmade salami. The silky texture beautifully blends with the delicate licorice flavors and seasonings of black pepper and garlic. Only naturally occurring, minimal nitrates are present in Olympia Provisions products. With a traditional Tuscan influence and fresh ingredients, Olympia Provisions has created a delectable treat!


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