CAJETA / Blue Heron Farm
CAJETA / Blue Heron Farm

CAJETA / Blue Heron Farm

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This local goat milk caramel is great on cheese, fruit, desserts, popcorn... or a spoon! (8OZ PER JAR)

A Perfect Pairing
Nevermind the glory of Cajeta in your morning coffee (and over evening ice cream!), it effortlessly plays well with many, many cheeses. Start with Kunik; advance to Bonne Bouche.

The Full Jar
Blue Heron Farm in Field Store, TX (about 45 miles NW of Houston) is a “small scale, humane, and thoughtful” goat dairy. Two “city kids turned farmers,” Lisa and Christian Seger are the owner-operators, and their Cajeta has been a staple in our retail shop in Austin, TX for years. Utilizing strictly sustainable agricultural principles - no synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides or fungicides – animals (goats, hogs & poultry) pasture-graze on natural flora and enjoy access to comfy shelter. Essentially dulce de leche, cajeta is a Mexican-style caramel made from pure goat’s milk, cooked slow-n-low for 24-48 hours – until the rich caramel color & flavors emerge. This local goat milk caramel is great on cheese, fruit, desserts (ice cream!), popcorn, in your morning coffee, or dunking a wedge of cheese straight into the jar – we won’t judge!

This is a sample of what we offer in our Austin Flagship store at 4220 Duval St., Austin, TX 78751.

Because of the artisanal nature of these products, we do not guarantee inventory of specific products and as such we limit online orders to Gift boxes and cheese and charcuterie trays.

Call 512-531-9610 and press 4 to reach the Duval retail team. You can ask the cheesemonger what we have in stock and even place an order over the phone.

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