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Fresh and fruity white wine, with hints of straw, white nectarine and lime zest.
Grape: 85% Pecorino, 15% Proprietary Authorized Varietals

A Perfect Pairing
Civitas Pecorino goes hand-in-hand with hard cheeses – match up titles with a true pecorino, like Sardo, or try it with Ewephoria; and enjoy amongst a spread of mussels or char-grilled fish, with a tomato salad.

The Full Bottle
Pecorino is a rare Italian heirloom varietal that naturally produces very low yields, which can make it somewhat unprofitable for growers – but a real treasure for those of us tasting it! The grape originated in the Sibillini Mountains and thrives in the coastal parts of Abruzzo, where it is cultivated today – yielding this organic, biodynamic and biodiversity-friendly wine. During the vinting process, the wine undergoes spontaneous fermentation and natural tartaric stabilization. Lunaria Civitas Pecorino is clean, rich and full bodied; delivering aromas of citrus, ripe pear, peach, and orange blossom that land on notes of straw, white nectarine and lime zest – an expressive & intense experience!

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