EWEPHORIA / Cheeseland, Inc. / Holland / Past. Sheep / Hard
EWEPHORIA / Cheeseland, Inc. / Holland / Past. Sheep / Hard

EWEPHORIA / Cheeseland, Inc.

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Aged 12 months, this gouda-style cheese is like English toffee & nuts, with a crystal-studded texture & hypnotic depth of flavor. Aged 12 months. (PRICE PER POUND)

A Perfect Pairing
Pairs well with rich porters and stouts – and dollops of Cajeta! Cast Olina’s Wafer Crackers to allow the cheese to be the star of the show.

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The Full Wheel
Created in 2004 by Cheeseland, a Seattle-based importer of Dutch cheeses, with the sweeter-oriented “American palate” in mind, Ewephoria is made in cooperation with a small farm in N. Holland's Friesland region (near the North Sea). Sheep here are well-fed & treated like members of the family, resulting in superior, butterfat-rich milk. This “Hard" style pasteurized sheep’s milk cheese is made with vegetarian rennet and aged 9 months – roughly in the gouda style. Rich in crunchy, satisfying tyrosine crystals – a result of proteins converting into amino acids during the aging (affinage) process. Sweet, caramelly & nutty, with beautiful depth of flavor & toffee undertones. Truly, cheese candy!

Just The Facts

Cheese Style Hard
Milk Type Sheep
Pasteurization Pasteurized
Rennet Type Vegetarian
Country Holland
Weight 1lb, 0.5lb


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