A selection of artisanal products displayed in a box
A selection of artisanal products displayed in a box
A selection of artisanal products displayed in a box

Valentine's Date Night (Ships in February)

Regular price$145.00

The perfect Valentine's Date Night you don't need reservations for!

This shipped offering includes 3 cheeses, salami, wagyu bresaola, marcona almonds, artisanal Jam, chocolate covered cocoa beans, pitted olives, and mini toasts.


Valentine's Date Night boxes will ship on February 12th, 2024 and will arrive on or before Feb 14.


Year Round Shipping: Products that are perishable require express shipping to ensure they arrive fresh and delicious as pictured. HOW WE SHIP.

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Seasonal shipping: keep an eye on packages that we offer seasonally HERE as one off box options.

For your convenience and to avoid wait times in the Cheese Shop, online orders should be picked up at our Pickup Window, located directly behind our cheese shop in the alley between Uncle Nicky’s and Julio’s. To avoid congestion, please do not pick up in the Cheese Shop.

Please plan to pick up your tray at your selected pickup time, noting we have a designated pickup window open daily from 11am-7pm.

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Are any products guaranteed? Artisan foods are often made in small batches by individuals. That’s what makes them unique. Sometimes, artisan production doesn’t go according to plan. For that reason, we never guarantee specific items in our collections. We do promise that you’ll get the same promised quantities (or more) than what’s listed in the collection. Note that photos above are representative of items and quantity included.

Can I select my own cheeses? Collections and Gift Boxes cannot be customized at this time.

What if we have allergies? Please specify any allergies when ordering, and note that we cut/wrap and build our collections in our facilities, where marcona almonds and bread are present. We also use latex or vinyl gloves.

At this time, we are unable to customize gift boxes.

If you would like a custom cheese experience, please come see us in the shop.

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