Cheddar, Whiskey, & Dad

Father's Day Fun
A month ago we transported you and Mom to Hawaii, and this month we travel to the Scottish Isle of Mull with Dad for Father's Day. Mull is situated off of Scotland's northwest coast, where the whiskey is plentiful and the waterfalls sometimes go backward. Nearby Mull's capital of Tobermory live the Reades, denizens of the once-abandoned Sgriob-Ruadh (see-BREW-uh) Farm. In 1982, Jeff and Chris Reade left their home in Somerset to revitalize the deserted island farmstead. They initially raised cows to sell milk to the residents of Mull, and created a cheese with what was leftover. Thirty-seven years and a broken pasteurizer later, the Reades craft raw farmstead cheeses using 100% sustainable energy, including their own hydroelectric power plant. Their sustainability efforts stretch beyond energy and into their cheesemaking, using spent mash from the nearby distillery as feed for their cows.

Our Colleagues in Cheese at Neal's Yard Dairy in London visit the Reades at Sgriob-Ruadh twice a year to select wheels of the boozy, earthy and tangy Isle of Mull Cheddar. Crumbly yet supple, this clothbound Cheddar is distinctly Scottish with a peaty, sharp bite. For Dad this Sunday, a chunk of Isle of Mull goes perfectly with Taste Elevated Sweet N Tangy Mustard Seeds and a snifter of his favorite single malt whiskey.

So don't forget this weekend is Father's Day! And if you're looking for other gift ideas, check out our website. We're pretty sure "Dad" would love a membership in our cheese club or tickets to a cheese tasting.

Redefining American Cheese (Class)
We've almost been around 10 years and yet, we're still working regularly to showcase that American cheese is no longer those plastic-wrapped singles. In fact, many American cheeses rivel their European counterparts at world competitions and some are even imported into France, the UK, Japan, and more. Not only do we carry multiple dozens of award-winning American cheeses, we downright love them. Are you a lover too? Or perhaps you're a skeptic? We're 101% sure we can blow your mind with some of the best American artisan cheeses. So join us for our Taste of USA class on Tuesday, July 2 at 6:30 pm - just in time for your July 4th celebrations. That way, you know what cheeses to grab to celebrate the red, white, and blue!

Check out our complete summer schedule of classes here. And remember, you can now book a private tasting online immediately from the comfort of your chair. And don't forget you can rent our Cheese House as space rental for your next business gathering or meeting. Check out our options here.

Cheese Tray of the Week
Hosting family this weekend for Father's Day? We're thinking that father figure in your life would be really happy with our Charcuterie Board ($40), complete with 3 types of cured meats, cornichon pickles, olives, peppadew peppers, corn nuts, and more. Remember you can order any of our cheese and cured meat boards online - as far in advance as you need but with a minimum of a day's notice.

Stay Cheese-y Austin,
Kendall & John
& The Most Amazing, Hardworking, Passionate Team of Good Food Advocates Around... (We are grateful for you team!)