Cocktail & Cheese Pairing - DEADLINE TODAY

Cheese & Cocktail Pairing - DEADLINE TONIGHT!
Plans Wednesday evening? Join John and me (Kendall) for our first Cocktail & Cheese Pairing on Facebook Live. You can tune it at 6pm and interact with us on the spot, answering your questions and more, or watch it anytime after we’ve finished at 7pm once the video is loaded to the site. So what cocktails are we pairing? Let’s just say that there’s been one drink that’s sustained us through this pandemic, and that’s Ranch Rider. (Okay, admittedly, we go on and off periods of drinking - just to reset… but when we’re drinking, you can often find a can in our hands.) (photo theirs)

We first found out about locally-company Ranch Rider Spirits earlier this summer, when heat was beating us down and we needed something refreshing. They currently offer 4 effervescent, canned cocktails. The Ranch Water is a mix of Tequila, sparkling water, and lime juice. That’s it! And we love it! The Paloma is Tequila, sparkling water, grapefruit juice, and lemon. And The Chilton is Vodka, sparkling water, lemon juice, and sea salt. All those bubbles make for perfect cheese pairings. Find out why - and what fun flavor combinations we’ve created - in our virtual tasting this Wednesday. Each ticket includes a tasting plate of 6 cheeses, 6 food pairing bites, and 3 cans of Ranch Rider Cocktails: Ranch Water, Tequila Paloma, & The Chilton. (Must be 21 to purchase; ID checked through window at time of contactless curbside pickup.) Find out what all the fuss is about and why local retailers can’t keep these stocked! Tickets here.

New Product Alert
Okay, honestly, I’m pretty sure we’ve broken all the marketing rules here… because instead of slowly rolling out 1-2 new products regularly, we’re about to drop a TON OF NEW PRODUCTS on you all. And we’re so excited about it! We’re in the process of updating our entire specialty chocolate line, our entire preserves wall, AND - next week - we’ll be announcing the launch of an entirely new specialty food line. Woohoo! So I’m trying to figure out how to get all that amazing info out into the world. In the meantime, you’ll see new items sprinkled here and there on our online ordering site. (wink!) For now, I wanted to spotlight a couple “new” cheeses, and why they’re awesome.

Caerphilly and Chive & Onion (Latte Da Dairy - Flower Mound, TX) - We LOVE Latte Da cheeses and the amazingly-talented Anne Jones. Known first and foremost for her exceptional goat genetics and breeding, she has also made some amazing Texas goat milk cheeses. And sadly for us, she’s retiring (but yay for her!). We’ve only carried her cheeses sporadically when we could easily get it (because shipping in Texas is not friendly for cheeses). All that said, we’ve purchased what we could to carry her cheese one last time. And that includes the two-time ACS winner, Caerphilly, an aged cheese that’s simultaneously sweet and tangy. Also in stock is her Chive & Onion for all your savory cheese fans out there. Melt this on some rye bread with some mustard and an IPA for a taste of fall!

Old Kentucky Tomme (Capriole Goat Cheese, Indiana) - Buttery and rich with mild “cellar” and white mushroom overtones, Old Kentucky Tomme has a smooth paste and natural rind. We like how they describe it: “This is not a cheese that hits you over the head and knocks you down — instead, it unfolds like the pages of a good book. As one of the first aged goat cheeses in the U.S., it has withstood the test of time and taste.” This is a unique cheese unlike many others. (photo theirs)

Our Cheese Around Town

Andiamo Italiano, located in North Austin, is one of the most amazing Italian offerings in the city. We had the pleasure of working with previous owner Daniela in our early days, and we’re thrilled to be collaborating again with new(ish) owner Ann and general manager Courtney. They are full swing operational and have also just launched their lounge Restare. Starting this weekend, they’ll be offering an updated menu, including one heckuva cheese and charcuterie plate! Make sure to put them on your takeout (or dine-in) list… (Gorgeous pic cred to @vanessalainphoto.)

(Virtual) Tasting Classes Coming Up

We’ve led almost 7000 Austinites in tastings since mid-March, and ready to double it! All are virtual with curbside pickups of cheese plates (or option for local delivery). Deadline to purchase tickets is midnight the day before an event. See what’s coming up or our full October schedule here, including TWO DIFFERENT ROUNDS of Halloween Candy & Cheese Pairings.
  • Tue 9/29 - Taste of Italy
  • Wed 9/30 - Cheese & Ranch Rider Pairing with the Antonellis
  • Fri 10/2 - An Antonelli’s Date Night • Sat 10/3 - Taste of Spain (8pm)
  • Tue 10/6 - Cheese & Chocolate featuring local SRSLY Chocolate!
  • Wed 10/7 - Behind the Scenes with Beehive Cheese
  • Thu 10/8 - Prosciutto, Salami, and Cheese...Oh My!
  • Sat 10/10 - An Antonelli’s Date Night
  • Mon 10/12 - Cheese 101: The Seven Styles of Cheese
  • Tues 10/13 - Cheese & Preserves featuring local Confituras!
  • Wed 10/14 - Cheese 201 with food scientist Pat Polosky - Science of Cheddars for National Cheese Curd Day
  • Thu 10/15 - Cheese & Honey Pairing
  • Fri 10/16 - An Antonelli’s Date Night
  • Sat 10/17 - Soft Cheeses: Rich, Gooey, Delicious
  • Sun 10/18 - Raw Milk Cheeses for International Raw Milk Cheese Day!


Are you hosting any in person events?
Nope, all events are virtual right now.

Does your virtual event come with a physical cheese plate for tasting?
Yes! You pick up your cheese plate via contactless curbside the day of the event (or you may be able to add on delivery for a fee to some addresses). Refrigerate your plate. Then pull it out of the fridge 45min before your event start.

Do you deliver?
While we don’t personally deliver, we do partner with Favor Fleet and DropOff Couriers to some locations. You don’t have to do that work though. Just order as you normally would, and we’ll handle the delivery part.

Can I have a private virtual party or event?
Yes! We’ve teamed up with individuals for special occasions like anniversaries and milestone birthdays, with companies to offer teambuilding appreciation events, and with nonprofits alike to help us all still cope with and celebrate through this pandemic. You need a group of at least 12 for a private party (at $40pp)

Can you ship my cheese plate?
Unfortunately, no. We cut cheese the day of the event. And what makes for good class plates (ie 1 ounce sample portions) does not make for good shipping conditions. However, we do offer a Cheese Class in a Box that we can ship. And if you want, get a group of 12 purchases together, and we’ll ship to your locations around the United States AND host a live event guided by one of our cheesemongers.

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Stay Cheese-y!
John & Kendall
And Your Awesome Cheesemonger Team